The way to Build a home in Spain

Build a home in Spain

It is not easy to build a home in foreign country. ComingTo will help you step by step. You will discover that it is easier than te seams. Today we would like to let you know how it works the building process in Spain.

If anything is not clear or you have any doubts let us know! Build a home in Spain and enjoy the privilege of the Spanish weather. 

Firstly Hire an Architect to build a home

The architect is the professional who performs the project to build a home. The architect will have under consideration the client ideas, necessities, program and budget. The architect is the one that will help the client throughout the entire process. 

Secondly Choose the Piece of land

Choosing the right piece of land is essential to build a home as it is an important part of the budget. 

When choosing a piece of land is important to take into consideration that its location and area will determine the dimensions of the house.

The architect can visit the piece of land to conduct an evaluation of it. We can asses you to find the best piece of land to build a home that makes your dreams come true. 

Thirdly: Previous Studies of the House

Once the land is bought and before beginning to build a home we will need:

  • A Topographic Study – A topographer will draw the geometry and the site’s relief to know the exact dimensions and the elements that compose it.
  • A Geotechnical Study – Different tests will be performed to know  the composition and resistance of the land. This is fundamental to design the foundation and structure of the house.
  • Preliminary Design – Our architect will study the client’s ideas, the existing regulations and the available budget. With this he will design the ideal house for the client, and he will perform any modifications as needed through the process.

 In fourth place: Technical Documentation to build a home

With the drawing of the house master lines, the architect will create:

  • Project Outline – The necessary documentation for obtaining the license in the town hall. It consists of the architectural plans that describe the works to be done and the compliance of the regulations.
  • Master Plan – The documentation which defines the geometry and necessary materials for the construction of the house. It consists of all the architectural, structural and installation plans, data and measurements. As more comprehensive the project is, the less unexpected surprises will emerge in the work.

In fifth place: Hire a Construction Manager

The construction manager is the responsible for monitoring the work. Also he takes care of the safety and quality procedures. Together with the architect, he realizes the necessary documentation for license acquisition.

In sixth place: Choosing the Construction Company

It is important to have a clear contract that states what is included and what is not. Even the guaranties, and the time of completion among others. It is fundamental to avoid any problems in the construction process.

We will work with measurement data of the master plan. This document specifies all the materials, quantities and qualities which necessary to build the home.

In seventh place: Work Supplies

Before beginning to build a home we must ask for some documents. The essentials are the municipal license, and the electricity and water supplies.

A Special moment: Beginning of the Work

Our architect and the construction manager, through regular visits, will control that the work is being built the way it has been defined in the plans. They will control the work safety, the schedule and also will resolve any possible problem that might appear during the construction.

Throughout the building certifications they can ensure the work done each month.

Almost at the end: Work Completion

The architect, the construction manager and the construction company will have a meeting with the client. In order to confirm that the house is in perfect conditions and meets all the regulations.

Once it is certified, the documentation of work completion will be signed and the guaranties will start to count.

And finally: Documentation of a Newly Built Construction

With the work completion, the new construction must be declared. With the final certificate of construction, it should be processed:

  • License of 1st Occupation – The town hall verifies that the construction has followed the plans and that has handed the previous documentation. Therefore, to obtain the certificate of habitability and final discharge of water, electricity and gas.
  • Habitability Certificate – Is a document that states that the house meets the minimum conditions of habitability. It is required to rent or sell the house and also to hire the supplies.
  • Cadastral Registry – The work will be communicated to the cadastral office registration.
  • Energy Certificate – Is a document of the energetic efficiency of the house that the architect provides. Required to rent or sell the house.
  • Final Discharge of Water, Electricity and Gas – From temporary to definitive.
Build a home in Spain and let you asses by ComingTo and its profesional team. 

ComingTo in the process to build a home

Comingto was stablished with the aim to help investors and self-investors to make real their construction dreams. 

We always work with the aim to establish a long term relationship with our clients. As we believe that they are only achieved when work is well done. 

According to our founders good attitude, a smile and hard work is the key to success. 

You can contact ComingTo when you need us and we will be happy to help. 

Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you to build a home that makes dreams come true. 

We have a long experience working with city halls and we know how they want documents to be presented. Also we have a good knowledge of different city halls thanks to that we know which ones do it easy and which ones not. 

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