Festival de los Patios de Córdoba

It’s about a contest of courtyards in Cordoba that it is celebrated, by general rule, during the second and third week of May. The participants open, in a free manner, their own courtyards. In the last years, the courtyards in the contests are marked with hedge pots that are placed flanking the doors.


To motivate the festival and conserve the typical architecture of the city, it is admitted to the contest courtyards of new construction, stablishing 2 categories: old architecture and modern architecture. Maximum 50 courtyards participate in the contest. The festival is completely with an educational program organized by the Town Hall whose objective is to give the students a chance to know the architecture and the heritage, as well to promote respect for it.


The festivity is completed with a celebration in San Basilio: the neighborhood association of the town puts up a barre next to the tower of Belen, and the bars in the street San Basilio contribute with the music and sell beverages to the people of Cordoba and the tourists.


In 1980, it was declared Fiesta de Interés Turístico Nacional. The festivity of the courtyards of Cordoba was declared World Immaterial Heritage by the UNESCO on December 6th 2012.

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