Santa María del Mar

Current studies accept the hypothesis that it was built on an ancient amphitheater or Roman arenas.

The construction started in 1329. It was financed by the neighbors of the port and la Ribera, for which was agreed that it would belong exclusively to them. This construction stands out with the one of the cathedral that was constructed in those dates and that was associated to the monarchy, the nobility and the high clergy. It seems that the whole of the Ribera population actively participated in the construction, which carried the enormous stones destined to the construction of the church from the royal quarry of Montjuïc and from the beaches where the ships that had brought them to Barcelona, until the very square of the Borne, loading them in their backs, one by one. The main door of the church honors the coffins that helped its construction.

The walls, the side chapels and the facade were finished around the year 1350. In 1379, near the end of the fourth section of vaults, the scaffolds burned and the stones suffered major damages. On November 3rd 1383, the last part of the vault was placed, and on August 15th of the following year the first Mass was celebrated. The earthquake of 1428 caused the collapse of the rosette causing some deaths. Although a contract was soon signed to build a new flamboyant style, which was finished in 1459 and the following year, stained glass was placed. Most of the images and baroque altar added during the following centuries were burned during the fire of the temple on August 3rd and 4th of 1936. This fire was provoked by the anarchists and communists who stormed the temple (as well as many other churches in Barcelona).

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