Fiestas de la Blanca


The festivities in honor to the White Virgin are celebrated in Vitoria (Álava) Spain. They begin on August 4th and end on August 9th, being August 5th the day of White Virgin. In the town square, thousands of vitorians and visitors gather to commence the celebration with Celedón, a figure that represents an old villager. After his arrival to San Miguel Church they dance the traditional aurresku and you can hear the traditional and expected: Gora Gasteiz, Gora Celedón! The youngsters soak in the centric fountains.

The protagonists of these festivities are the blusas quarters, men and women dressed with typical clothes that organize many activities and fill these days with good humor. Different spectacles, concerts, and parties are organized in various places around the city.

The last day, August 9th, is the so called dia del guarro, where the quarters in the parades walk smeared in flour. Also several cultural activities of the own Basque Country are held, like sports championships of basque ball, trikitixa concerts and bertsolaris competitions.

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