La semana Grande de Bilbao

The Semana Grande de Bilbao is the main festivity that is celebrated annually for nine consecutive days from the Saturday after August 15th, the festivity of the Assumption of Our Lady.


The “comparsas” are the heart of La Semana Grande de Bilbao. They emerged with the festive model of 1978 and they are people that are grouped to organize the parties through the txoznas of El Arenal, music and different activities during the 9 days.

Not only activities are realized en la Semana Grande, but also they encourage the Carnival and the St. Thomas Fair.

At the moment there are 30 comparsas, and the oldest ones are Bizizaleak, Hontzak, Pinpilinpauxa, Satorrak, Tintigorri, Txomin Barullo and Uribarri.



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