Juana la Loca

Juana I de Castilla, named “la Loca” was born in Toledo on November 6th of 1479 and died in Tordesillas on April 12th of 1555, was queen of Castilla, Aragón and Navarra, from 1506 she didn’t have any effective power and from 1509 she lived locked up in Tordesillas, first by his father Ferdinand the Catholic order and later by her son king Carlos I.


By birth, she was an infant of Castilla and Aragon. From an early age, he showed signs of religious indifference that her mother tried to keep secret. In 1496, she married with the Beautiful Philip and had six children. By the death of her brothers Juan and Isabel and her nephew Miguel de la Paz, she became heiress of the crowns of Castilla and Aragon. On the death of her mother, Isabel the Catholic, in 1504 she was proclaimed queen of Castilla next to her husband; and to her father, Ferdinand the Catholic, in 1516 she became queen of Navarra and sovereign of the crown of Aragon. Therefore, the 25th of January of 1516, she became theoretically the first queen of the crowns that conformed the present Spain; nevertheless, from 1506 her power was only nominal, being her son Carlos the effective king of Castilla and Aragon. The communal uprising of 1520 took her out of jail and asked her to lead the revolt, but she refused and when her son Carlos defeated the commoners he locked her again. Later, Charles would order her to receive the Catholic sacraments, through torture.


She was nicknamed “La Loca” for an alleged mental illness by her father and her son to keep her from the throne and keep her locked up in Tordesillas for life. It has been written that the illness could have been caused by jealousy towards her husband and by the pain she felt after her death. This vision of her figure was popularized in Romanticism in both painting and literature.

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