The Festivities of Santa Tecla

The Festivities of Santa Tecla de Tarragona take place around September 23rd, and they last ten full days. They are a big deal in the city of Tarragona.

The festivities began in 1321 when the relic of the arm of Santa Tecla, coming from the eastern lands of Armenia, arrived in the city of Tarragona. In the year 1370 the document of the Ordinances of the archbishop of Pere Clasquerí establishes the ritual sequence for the two central days of the holidays. This ritual has remained the same until the present time.

Among the most singular elements are:

-The Popular or Seguici Court: set of dances, beasts, allegorical representations, dramatic dances and popular musicians.

-The Human Castles or Castells: groups of men, women and children creating towers up to ten stories high.

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