El Escorial

The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial includes a Royal Palace, a basilica, a pantheon, a library and a monastery. It is in the province of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, and it was built between 1563 and 1584.

The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial was promoted by Felipe II, to commemorate his victory in the San Quintin battle, on August 10th of 1557, San Lorenzo festivity. The building arises by the necessity of creating a monastery to ensure worship around a newly created family pantheon, to commit with the last testament of Charles V of 1558. The Emperor wanted to bury with his wife Isabel of Portugal and with his new dynasty away from the usual burial places Of the Trastamara.

The palace was the residence of the Spanish royal family, the basilica is the kings of Spain are buried and the monastery, founded by monks of the Order of San Jerónimo, is now occupied by friars of the Order of San Agustín. It is one of the most unique Renaissance architectures of Spain and Europe. It is managed National Heritage.

Known also as the Monastery of San Lorenzo el Real, or simply, El Escorial, was planned in the second half of the 16th century by Felipe II the king and his architect Juan Bautista de Toledo. The king conceived a great multifunctional, monarchal and a palace complex that, shaped by Juan Bautista de Toledo according to the paradigm of the Universal Trace, gave origin to the “herreriano” style.

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