The legend of the witches of Zugarramurdi

Zugarramurdi is known to be the witches’ town and a history of a movie.

In 1609 Enrique IV started a witch hunt to eliminate the witchcraft in France, many people fled to Spain. Between this people there was Maria de Ximildegui, who returned to her natal town, Zugarramurdi.

She was questioned by the local priest and in exchange of her salvation she confessed in participating with other neighbors in pagan meetings in which the devil was venerated in the “coven”, the father of goat. Maria said to have practiced the witchcraft and to have flown thanks to the help of the evil one.

These facts were made known to the Inquisition which judged 53 people, 11 of whom were named witches and therefore were burned in the main square of Logroño, 21 were charged with minor charges and 21 others were acquitted.

This persecution that occurred throughout Europe and born of an act of faith caused the beginning of the black legend of Zugarramurdi, “The Spanish Salem” or “The town of the witches.”

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