LaVanguardia December 10th 2017

Real Estate investment in Barcelona

ComingTo at LaVanguardia

Today, the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” has published an article about ComingTo! Read more about ComingTo at LaVanguardia.

For ComingTo is an honor to be published at LaVanguardia. At the article the journalist talks about how ComingTo was born. We where born on February 2017. And everything happened while Laura and Sergi where taking a walk. Sergi was talking to Laura about the constructions he was performing. He mentioned that around the 80% of them where financed from foreign investors. Laura said that almost all of her clients wanted to come to Barcelona, either for vacation, to live or to invest. That was de first moment that they saw a business opportunity. Working on that opportunity is what has bring a journalist to talk about ComingTo at LaVanguardia. 

LaVanguardia also writes about how ComingTo works directly with the investor. And also on how ComingTo support him all along the investment process. 

We are very thankful with this article and we hope we can read more about us at the newspapers. 

About of ComingTo

ComingTo is specialized on being the main help of an investor. ComingTo works as the representative of the investor. We are specialized in the area of Barcelona consequently the team has a high knowledge of the Real Estate Business on Barcelona. The team of ComingTo has real experience on dealing with the city hall of Barcelona. ComingTo helps the investor all along the investment process, in other words, we work as we were the investor. The main aim of ComingTo is to be essential to the investor. ComingTo wishes to achieve a long term relationship. 

The impact of ComingTo at LaVanguardia

As a consequence of the article the different contact lines of ComingTo have not stoped. Thats great! 

Local investors and self investors have contact to learn more about us. Also to study different collaboration possibilities.  First of all we have explained them “who we are” and “how we work”. We continued by having a meeting in order to learn more about each other and on how we can cooperate. Finally that has been fantastic as now we have new collaborators. Not only investors but also construction companies and suppliers. 

In a few words the article of ComingTo at LaVanguardia is been great to keep expanding our business.

In conclusion Sergi and Laura want to transmit they greatness to all of those who have contact them to congratulate about the appearance at LaVanguardia. Alto to everyone who has contact us to meet them. 

In case you would like to meet us write us to


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