El Carnaval del Toro – Traditions

Carnaval de Toro is originated in the town of Ciudad Rodrigo in Salamanca, and it is considered by many to be the oldest in Spain.

There is a document from the time of the Catholic Monarchs dated in 1493, in which Ciudad Rodrigo is criticized for excessive expenses for bullfights. Since then, bullfights, and capeas are the most known activities of the celebration. And of all of them, the most outstanding spectacle is the bull run on horseback, in which horsemen and bulldozers drive the bulls through the countryside of Salamanca until they reach the city.

The Carnaval del Toro is the big party in Ciudad Rodrigo: bullfights, capeas, charangas, costume dances … It is the only carnival in the world where the mask and the bull are joined. That’s why it’s a unique and different party.

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