Invest at Southern Europe! The Financial Times says it!

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Today the Financial Times has published an article. That article talks about the best regions and cities to invest in Southern Europe. As a result Barcelona has been chosen as one of the best cities. And the region of Catalonia as the best one to invest at.

Invest in Southern Europe

In order to arrive to that result, they have analyzed more than 450 European cities and regions. They have taken into account:

  • Economic possibilities
  • Human capital
  • Life Style
  • Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Business atmosphere

The top five cities and regions are:

  • Catalonia
  • Madrid
  • Lombardi
  • Istanbul
  • Lisbon

For us its a big deal that such an important economic newspaper has chosen our focus city and region to be on the top 5. 

According to Barcelonas city hall: Barcelona is the main entrance to southern Europe, a bridge with the Magreb and a connection with south America. To sum up, is a great city to do international business at. 

How can we help Investors?

We offer a three step service. However investors chose if they prefer to hire our full services or some specific ones. 

Firstly, we do it easy. We can look for the piece of land that best matches to your preferences. We perform economic feasibility studies. And also the promotion management. 

Secondly, Construction begins. We can design the project, take care of the building construction and its management and further its planification and organisation. 

Finally, the sale, the economic return and the after sale. We offer marketing and services. We can control the sales and the returns. Apartments handover and after sales. And in addition Real Estate management. 

ComingTo specialisation

ComingTo is located in the City of Barcelona a perfect city to Invest in Southern Europe. The financial Times is not the only that has written about the benefits of investing in Barcelona. As a result Barcelona is a fantastic option for those willing to Invest in Southern Europe.

Are you thinking about investing in Barcelona? Contact us at and we will contact you in order to meet. In short time you will discover that getting in touch with us was the best decision.

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