Who are we?

Building Investment in Barcelona

ComingTo’s Business is about Building Investment in Barcelona. We began our business back on February 2017. Since then we have been active on ComingTo‘s blog. The main issues we talked about are:

  • Latest News on building investment in Barcelona and Spain
  • Spanish Traditions
  • Spanish cities

But, we talked very little about…

Who we are

The management team of ComingTo is formed by Sergi Pujadó and Laura Juliá. They have both specialized on Building Investment in Barcelona and have a high knowledge on how to deal with city halls. 

Sergi is an Architect and Building Engineer while Laura is graduated in Business Management and is specialized on Building Investment in Barcelona. 

Sergi is in charge of making our clients dreams real.He works in order to perform the property that the client wants. He knows that Building Investment in Barcelona is not always easy for the investor, so he tries to make it easy for him.

Laura is in charge of the comercial division. Also, she introduces the project to client and discusses the possibilities. She is the link between the client and the architects team. Her knowledge of the market helps the investor to take decisions. 

They both have previously worked in international markets, specially focussed on the construction and private enterprise markets, specially focused on Building investment in Barcelona. 

Sergi and Laura attend together to the fist meetings, so they have a full knowledge of the clients wishes and needs. The following meetings are attend it by the one that can better help depending on the moment that the project is facing. 

Our main aim is that the investors building investment in Barcelona success and gives profit back as soon as possible. 

Building Investment in Barcelona

The last years have been a success. Building Investment in Barcelona has increased and investors from around the globe have decided to invest. 

We have talked in different occasions about it:

As you will be able to see the Building Investment in Barcelona offers many opportunities and a high profit. 

If you want to know more about ComingTo write us!

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