Valencias Fallas

Each March, Valencia prepares to receive the spring from the 15th to 19th of March. The streets are filled with joy and bustle with the celebration of Las Fallas, the maximum exponent of the union of tradition, satire, art and feeling for the land. They burn everything bad to help reborn from their ashes to welcome a new season of the year.


These festivities are also called Josephine festivals as they are celebrated in honor of St. Joseph, patron of carpenters, which was a very widespread guild in the city when they began to celebrate in the late nineteenth century.



In the streets of the town guilds, on spring, night work was dispensed and the rustic parot (a wooden device to light) was burned at the door of each workshop. To feed the bonfire, the same artisans accumulated useless shavings and slats next to old supplies that the neighborhood contributed.


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