Isabel “The Catholic”

Isabel la Católica

Isabel I of Castilla was queen of Castile from 1474 to 1504, queen consorted of Sicily from 1469 and of Aragon from 1479, by her marriage to Fernando de Aragón. She is called “the Catholic”, title that was granted to her and her husband by Pope Alexander VI.

Isabel granted support to Christopher Columbus in the search for the West Indies, which led to the discovery of America. This event would have consequently the conquest of the discovered lands and the creation of the Spanish Empire.

In 1815 King Ferdinand VII, after returning to Spain and restoring absolutism, created the order of Isabella the Catholic, a high decoration still given by the Spanish government. Later, the 19th century Spanish liberals and Romantics tended to have a positive image of the Catholic Monarchs, whom they regarded as the last national monarchs. From 1938, the dictatorship of Francisco Franco profusely used the figure and symbols of Isabel “la catholic” in its propaganda.

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