Plaza Mayor, Madrid

It is in the center of Madrid, a few meters away from the plaza de la Puerta del Sol and next to the Calle Mayor.

The origins of the plaza go back to the 16th century, when the junction of the roads (actually) the streets of Toledo and Atocha, in the outside of the medieval villa, it was celebrated in here, known as “plaza del Arrabal”, the principal market of the villa.

In 1580, after transferring the court to Madrid in 1561, Felipe II commissioned the restauration project of the plaza to Juan de Herrera, when the demolishing of the houses around the old plaza started in that same year.

The “Cuchilleros Arch” is a work of Juan de Villanueva, that after the 1790 fire, the plaza was completely closed enabling a series of arcs to access it.

The origin of its name comes from the old street at the end of the arch, where workshops of the guild of cutlery, that supplied their articles to the guild of butchers were located.

Actually, the “plaza Mayor” as the “Cuchilleros Arch” are a notable touristic point of Spain’s capital.

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