Founders and CEOs of ComingTo

Who are we?

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ComingTo’s Business is about Building Investment in Barcelona. We began our business back on February 2017. Since then we have been active on ComingTo‘s blog. The main issues we talked about are: Latest News on building investment in Barcelona and Spain Spanish Traditions Spanish cities But, we talked very little about… Who we are The management team of ComingTo is formed by Sergi Pujadó and Laura Juliá. They have both specialized on Building Investment in Barcelona and have a high knowledge on how to deal with city halls. Sergi is an Architect and Building Engineer while Laura is graduated in Business Management and is specialized on Building Investment in Barcelona. Sergi is in charge of making our clients dreams real.He works in order to perform the property that the client wants. He knows that Building Investment in Barcelona is not always easy for the investor, so he tries to make it easy for him. Laura is in charge of the comercial division. Also, she introduces the project to client and discusses the possibilities. She is the link between the client and the architects team. Her knowledge of the market helps the investor to take decisions. They both have previously worked […]

Remodeling an apartment

A unique apartment in the capital of Cava!

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  Located in the historic center of Vilafranca del Pendés, the capital of cava, we are working together with CreativeBcn. The apartment is 110 square meters. The owner has asked us to reform the 2 bathrooms, the kitchen and the “patio”. The owner bought this apartment to invest and his intention is to rent it. Today we are sharing with you a few pictures of the current looking and in a few months, we will show you the result!

Invest in Barcelona

Invest at Southern Europe! The Financial Times says it!

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Today the Financial Times has published an article. That article talks about the best regions and cities to invest in Southern Europe. As a result Barcelona has been chosen as one of the best cities. And the region of Catalonia as the best one to invest at. Invest in Southern Europe In order to arrive to that result, they have analyzed more than 450 European cities and regions. They have taken into account: Economic possibilities Human capital Life Style Performance Connectivity Business atmosphere The top five cities and regions are: Catalonia Madrid Lombardi Istanbul Lisbon For us its a big deal that such an important economic newspaper has chosen our focus city and region to be on the top 5.  According to Barcelonas city hall: Barcelona is the main entrance to southern Europe, a bridge with the Magreb and a connection with south America. To sum up, is a great city to do international business at.  How can we help Investors? We offer a three step service. However investors chose if they prefer to hire our full services or some specific ones.  Firstly, we do it easy. We can look for the piece of land that best matches to your […]

Real Estate investment in Barcelona

Investment in Barcelona

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Why Barcelona? Barcelona is a Mediterranean city. Investment in Barcelona has never been as profitable as it is now. Barcelona counts with 10 different districts. The Investment opportunities in Barcelona can vary depending on the neighbourhood. Also, it will depend on the kind of construction investment. To know more about it you can contact us. And we will let you know about the different opportunities.  Investment in Barcelona and it’s rentability The renting profitability of a city is a good way to measure the possible earnings when investing. It works for both but we must keep in mind that this formula might not always work. At ComingTo we prefer to write a feasibility study for each inversion. As a result we will obtain clear information about the investment.  Barcelona has the highest renting prices in Spain and is the city where are increasing faster.  When investing is important to keep in mind what locals are looking for. And also foreigners looking for an apartment in the city. In Barcelona the apartments of 80 square meter are the ones with better profitability. Every district is different. If you want specific information of one or some let us know and we will send […]

Vilanova i La Geltrú Invest in Spain

Invest in Spain

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At ComingTo we are specialised in assessing those willing to invest in Spain. Does not matter what you need, we can do it! Are you looking for… A unique space at Costa Brava at only 100 meters from the sea? A luxury apartment in Barcelona? A piece of land where to build? We only need to know what you need or wish and we will go with it. We have performed different projects such as Hotels, Apartment Buildings and single family houses between others. Let us asses and help you through all the process. The reasons to invest in Spain The Real Estate business it is on its best moment. Prices are in an upward trend. Therefore it is estimated that investments in the construction business are going to be high. The Spanish legal system helps those willing to invest in Spain. Also it does not distinguish between European and non European citizens. Spains economy has been growing on the last 4 economic cycles. As a result more than 2M jobs have been created. According to the Center for International Development of Harvard Spain will be the European country with highest growth until 2025. Meanwhile OCDE has chosen Spain as one of […]

Real Estate investment in Barcelona

LaVanguardia December 10th 2017

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ComingTo at LaVanguardia Today, the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” has published an article about ComingTo! Read more about ComingTo at LaVanguardia. For ComingTo is an honor to be published at LaVanguardia. At the article the journalist talks about how ComingTo was born. We where born on February 2017. And everything happened while Laura and Sergi where taking a walk. Sergi was talking to Laura about the constructions he was performing. He mentioned that around the 80% of them where financed from foreign investors. Laura said that almost all of her clients wanted to come to Barcelona, either for vacation, to live or to invest. That was de first moment that they saw a business opportunity. Working on that opportunity is what has bring a journalist to talk about ComingTo at LaVanguardia. LaVanguardia also writes about how ComingTo works directly with the investor. And also on how ComingTo support him all along the investment process. We are very thankful with this article and we hope we can read more about us at the newspapers. About of ComingTo ComingTo is specialized on being the main help of an investor. ComingTo works as the representative of the investor. We are specialized in the […]