Park Guell

Parque Güell – Gaudi

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It is a public park with gardens and architectural elements that is in the upper part of the city of Barcelona. Planed as urbanization, it was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí, maximum exponent of the Catalan modernism, by the businessman Eusebi Güell. It was built between 1900 and 1914, it was inaugurated as a public park in 1926. Park Güell reflects Gaudí’s artistic integrity: it belongs to his naturalistic stage (first decade of the 20th century), time where the architect perfected his personal style, through the inspiration of nature’s organic shapes, where he practiced a whole no series of new structural solutions originated in his profound analysis of the ruled geometry. To that the Catalan artist adds a great creative liberty and an imaginative ornamental creation: starting from a certain baroque style, his works acquire great structural power, of forms and volumes devoid of a rationalist rigidity or of any classical premise. In the Park Güell, Gaudí deployed all his architectural genius and put into practice many of his innovative structural solutions that would be emblematic of his organic style and culminating in the Sagrada Familia. The park is listed as a monument declared in the Register of Cultural […]

Ordesa y Monte Perdido – National Park

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It is the second oldest park in Spain and the first one in Aragón, after being declared on august 16th of 1918. Now, the park has different protection figures other than the National Park, in 1977 it was declared Biosphere Reserve, in 1988 Zone of Special Protection for Birds and in 1997 it became a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also a Place of Community Importance. The orography of the Park is dominated by the Tres Sorores massif, Treserols, the highest calcareous massif in Europe. Its highest elevation is Monte Perdido, which radially descends a series of impressive mountain ridges and glacial valleys. The vegetation of the Park consists of 1400 species, representing almost 45% of the plants of the Aragonese Pyrenees, of which 83 are exclusive to the Pyrenees, that is, half of the endemism of the mountain range. In the 30 peaks or more, of more than 3000 of the protected territory and its periphery you can see about 100 species, which accounts for two thirds of the alpine vegetation of the Pyrenees.

National Park

Caldera de Taburiente – National Park

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The Caldera de Taburiente National Park is a protected area of Spain, located on the island of La Palma, in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands. Like the rest of the archipelago, it is volcanic in nature, but it is distinguished by the large amount of water resources it possesses, both underground and in surface. It was declared National Park on October 6, 1954, being the second protected area of the Canary Islands in receiving this designation. In addition, it is since 2002, World Biosphere Reserve in conjunction with the entire island. It currently covers an area of 46.9 km². It is in the center of the island coinciding with the geological formation of the Caldera de Taburiente, with a 7-km maximum axis, which is considered the most emblematic natural wonder of the island. The depression that forms is between 600 and 900 meters above sea level.

San Isidro

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The Festivities of San Isidro offer a unique opportunity to know the most authentic Madrid. They are celebrated in May, when the Chulapos and Goyescos (people of Madrid dressed in the typical costumes) go out to have fun with music, dancing the chotis and eat in honor of the Saint. In addition, the prestigious Taurine Fair of San Isidro takes place. A unique opportunity to discover the typical customs of Madrid. During the holiday weekend there are concerts and parades around the city center. There are also activities for children around the city and parties where to enjoy at night. The best thing is that most of these activities are free.

Temps de Flors at Girona

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What started as a small event that was once celebrated in the City Hall in Girona in 1954, has turned into an international festival. The event consisted in organizing a first edition of what they called “Concurso exposición Provincial de Flores al Saló de Descans del Teatre Municipal”, the success that the exposition had led them to celebrate it year after year until today. The festival grows in space each year. 1979 was the first year that the event was celebrated under the name “Asociación de los amigos de las flores y los jardines”. By the time goes by, the neighbors of Girona have been opening their gardens to the public during the festival.

The way to Build a home in Spain

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It is not easy to build a home in foreign country. ComingTo will help you step by step. You will discover that it is easier than te seams. Today we would like to let you know how it works the building process in Spain. If anything is not clear or you have any doubts let us know! Build a home in Spain and enjoy the privilege of the Spanish weather.  Firstly Hire an Architect to build a home The architect is the professional who performs the project to build a home. The architect will have under consideration the client ideas, necessities, program and budget. The architect is the one that will help the client throughout the entire process.  Secondly Choose the Piece of land Choosing the right piece of land is essential to build a home as it is an important part of the budget.  When choosing a piece of land is important to take into consideration that its location and area will determine the dimensions of the house. The architect can visit the piece of land to conduct an evaluation of it. We can asses you to find the best piece of land to build a home that makes your […]

Discovering Spain for you!

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Today we have been traveling through Spain! This week is taking place in Barcelona the IBTM an international fair. We decided to go to be able to see all that Spain can offer! And is amazing! We have coasts, desserts, mountains, islands, big cities, very small towns and many much more that you will be discovering in this blog! We encourage you to follow us!u00a0

Barcelona the Spanish city that offers you everything

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Barcelona, What as great city! It has everything! The Mediterranean sea, Montjuic Mountains and Tibidabo Mountains, also exclusive private clubs. Also a great futbol team! Is a cosmopolitan city where many international games take place. At the Tibidabo mountain you can find the oldest European amusement park. Barcelona also has a forest where you can go walking from the city. Many international schools. You can build a home just by the sea or in the mountain so you can enjoy the views of the city!