Services for investors How we do it?

Services for investors

ComingTo offers Taylor made services to investors. 

We found ComingTo with the aim to provide unique services to investors. 

Our objective is that you are highly satisfy. In order to full fill our objective we structure our services in 3 phases.

Our 3 steps based services to investors

First we arrange a meeting with the aim to agree about:

  • The perfect piece of land: After our first meeting we will send you a report with different possible plots or spaces where your investment can take place. In case you already have the piece of land we can skip this step.
  • Economic feasibility studies: We prepare a feasibility study of a maximum of 3 pieces of land. Our objective is that you have all the information need it to take the right choice.
  • And Promotion management: We manage all the aspects (technical, administrative and legal). We have a good knowledge about dealing with city halls. 

To finish we continue with the construction. we deal with it: 

  • We firstly manage the chosen team, so the project design is as you wish. We collaborate with Pujado-Soler architecture Stdio. 
  • Also we manage the construction.
  • And together with all the team we schedule all the steps of the construction.

And finally, The sale, the economic return and the after sale:

  • Marketing, sales and returns: We assist you to advertise the sale and / or rentals. We collaborate with different Real Estate companies in order to help you achieve your objective as soon as possible. 
  • Apartments handover and after sale
  • Real estate management

How does it work?

Our services to investors can be hired individually. They are created to help investors at any moment. We also believe is better to have a step based system. Finally this system gives as a result a better organization and the opportunity for the investor to always know at which point we are. 

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