Investment Services in Barcelona

Real Estate Investment Services in Barcelona

Laura Juliá & Sergi Pujadó

A bit about us...

Both, Laura and Sergi had previous experience in working for foreign investors. We are specialised in Real Estate Investment Services in Barcelona. 

Everything began when they noticed that many of the investors were unsatisfied with the service they were getting when investing: they felt like they had lack of information and seamed like the construction did not advanced at all, between others. As a result Sergi and Laura found ComingTo.

That was the main reasons to began ComingTos business on September 2017. After all our job is to give a service that is meant to recommend and to talk about it. 

ComingTos aim is to provide a full tailor-made service to those whiling to invest in the construction business in Spain, specially in Barcelona. 

If you want to know more about our services you can have a look at Comingtos main page or you can fill in the contact form on top of those words, also if you prefer you can call us at +34 640 16 42 02 or even write us at

Experts in Real Estate Investment Services in Barcelona

Sergi and Laura like to know who are they working for. First of all they have a meeting with the investor which can be personal or via videoconference call. In the hope that they have good knowledge of the investor needs and how he wants to work. 

We will work for you like if we were working for ourselves. Your project is our project and your happiness will bring us happiness though the years.

“Above all our aim is to do it easy for the investor”

We offer many services to help you. You can find a full list in the main page between them you will find  services such us whole life cycle costing, Commercial Management, monthly reports and Asset capitalization.

If you are looking for someone that:

  1. Takes care of your investment like if it was his 
  2. Gives you a follow up not only monthly but also when you wish it
  3. Helps you with anything you need of the process that consequently provides calm

In conclusion you will obtain a Real Estate just like you dreamed. In short we are experts on Investment services in Barcelona.

We are social! Follow us:

We like to be in contact through all the possible ways. 

Technology offers us the possibility to keep in contact with many different kinds of people. That is to say each one connects as he likes. For instance if you are a traditional persona you can call or write however if you feel more like a millenial you can contact through instagram.  

When following us you will discover our services and our ways of helping to those willing to Invest in Real Estate services in Barcelona. 

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